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Here are few action unblocked games that will let you have a great gaming experience. if you have been looking for action unblocked games for your passion, you have reached the right place.

The Dead Zed 2 is the latest improvement to the original Dead Zed. It is one of the best action unblocked games with amazing features. The characters are hand drawn and the animation makes the game more entertaining. You will not find any game with such beautiful graphics and animation characters. You will have to kill the zombies coming in your way. The game allows you to have latest and best weapons, rifles, guns, grenades and other tools.

Want to enjoy a great fighting game? This is the perfect choice for every game freak. The new update makes the game more exciting and interesting for the users. You can play it online without downloading. But you will need a plugin required for the game. Make money, earn awards and use them to upgrade your skills as well as weapons. With money, you can acquire the best weapons, guns, rifles and other tools to take it to another level.

Here comes one of the best action unblocked games for shooters. If you have played Counter Strike, this game is for you as it looks just like that. The commands are really simple. You will use the mouse or trackpad to move and shoot the targets. There are seven levels that are unlocked one after the other as you complete one. There is also an option for the single users to practice and try their hands.

We have listed all the best action unblocked games here. This is another action and shooting games for the users. The enemy is aliens and you have to demonstrate your shooting skills to kill and fight the enemy. Use keyboard commands to move, fight, shoot, jump, reload guns and pause the game. The game offers two modes. In first one, you will have just one game whereas the second mode has 15 different gaming level one after the other.

This is a really simple but entertaining game. It fits not only the kids and children but the young people as well. You can play as a single player or two other players. Use keyboard commands to move and fight. Once you start the game, it will give you options to choose a mode. If you want to spend some quality time, this game can be a great option. It will keep you engaged like any other action unblocked game.

Remember that the game is really addictive. It offers amazing graphics and nice animated characters. You can play it online using your computer browser. With this game, you have a long list of contests and competitions one after the other. The tournament is a great opportunity to show your shooting and combat skills to other players. This is equally perfect for kids as well as young people.