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Gun Mayhem Unblocked

Two-player games are really fun to play. Gun Mayhem Unblocked game is a fantastic two-player game you can enjoy anytime. It is developed with flash to work great in any modern web browser.

How To Play Gun Mayhem Unblocked?

Use following controls to play the Gun Mayhem Unblocked effectively:

Player 1

  • Use Arrow Keys to move
  • Use Right Square Bracket ( ] ) symbol to bomb
  • Use Left Square Bracket ( [ ) symbol to shoot

Player 2

  • Use W, A, S, D keys to move
  • Use Y key to bomb
  • Use T key to shoot

The shooter type games are fun to play anytime. Gun Mayhem supports up to four players. The game also has two different gaming modes: Custom Game Mode, and Campaign Mode.

Campaign Mode:

This particular gaming mode is for the ones who are beginners. This mode has ten maps you will have to conquer (tutorial included). While playing the game in the Campaign Mode, the player will be able to unlock new gaming features.

Custom Game Mode:

This one is the second gaming mode you can choose to play. In this mode, there are five different stages each. In each stage, you will have to accomplish the requirements to beat that stage.

The best thing about these stages is that in different eras, they are at different places. For example, in one instance, you are combating in a very modern stage while carrying luxurious attire, and in the other instance, you will be wearing clothes from the antediluvian era while combating in the pre-historic stage. Besides this game, you can also play the sequel of this game named Gun Mayhem 2.  

Features Of The Game:

  • Rang of weapons like machine guns and shotguns
  • Customizable characters
  • Custom game and Campaign mode

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