2048 Cupcakes Unblocked

The new and amazing 2048 Cupcakes game is here. It is a variation of the well-liked game called 2048. It is a single-player puzzle game with cupcakes instead of numbers, which makes the game even more challenging and interesting.

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How To Play 2048 Cupcakes Unblocked?

Game Controls:

You can make use of the arrow keys for moving the tiles. When two tiles with the same cupcake touch, they get promoted!

How To Play?

Playing the game is very easy. You need to move the tiles right, left, down, or up to make two similar cupcakes merge. This game is extremely addictive because you always desire to find out the look of the new cupcake and keep on playing. Remember that if there’s no free space left on the grid board, you will lose this game and will have to begin from the start.

This game has a 4×4 grid that can hold a max of sixteen cupcakes. If the entire grid is filled with cupcakes, the 2048 Cupcakes game will be over. If not, you can play different tricks on the grid that’ll move the cakes.


The reason for this game is to cut the number of cupcakes on the grid to unite them so as to make a new cupcake that can ultimately get to white chocolate chili or 2048. However, if you desire to keep playing, we have also appended two additional cupcakes. You’ll comprehend the real depth of the game just after playing it for a few times. 

Every cupcake has a set amount of calories. When you merge two cupcakes together, the score is appended by double the calorie of a cupcake. For instance, if you merge two pink bubblegum cakes, you’ll have five hundred Kcal appended to the scoreboard. The max point is for the rainbow cupcake, which is 5000Kcal.

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