2048 Unblocked

2048 is a one-player mathematical game where you merge tiles with equivalent numbers. The objective of this game is to merge the tiles until you’ve got 2048. With every tile merger, the value doubles.

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How To Play 2048 Unblocked?

You can glide tiles in any way to make the same tiles merge. It is played on a 4x4 grid, so you do not have much space for maneuvering. Try to keep a little free space.

Game Controls:

Make use of the arrow keys or swipe right or left, down, or up to move the tiles. When two tiles with similar figures touch, they merge into one. Once you reach 2048 in any tile, you win.

How To Play?

2048 is a fun and easy puzzle game. Each time you hit a button, all tiles slide. Tiles with similar figures that bang into one another are merged. Although there may be the best strategy for playing, there’s always a little level of chance. If you beat this game and would love to master it, try to complete it with a smaller score. That’d denote that you completed with fewer moves.


2048 is a frenzied mathematical puzzle game you can play for free. Then, move all the figures of tiles to one direction on the grid. You are capable of selecting the direction in your desire to play the tile. 

There are two directions to pick from: horizontally and vertically. Blocks can’t be moved diagonally. If two tiles that have the same figures move into one another, they’ll join and then become the sum of the figures. Two 4s are changed into an eight. Two 8s are now sixteen, and so on.

Keep on going until you get the magical 2048 figure. Be conscious and be cautious not to exhaust the space for relocating the tile. Once you have reached the desired figure, it’s possible to keep attempting to reach higher scores.

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