4x4 Drive Offroad Unblocked

The rough roads wait for you in this amazing 3D game. In 4x4 Drive Offroad, turn the steering wheel to some countryside, and get ready to get a little mud on the bumper! Can you finish diverse missions and enjoy the landscape?

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How To Play 4x4 Drive Offroad Unblocked?

Game Controls:

The controls of this game are very simple. You will have to make use of the arrow keys for driving around the countryside. And if you want to make use of brakes, then simply utilize the spacebar from your keyboard.

How To Play?

The rural life is all about recreation, but do not expect a calm escapade in this game! With diverse quests, you are always on the move! The game has two diverse modes that you can try. The 1st one you ought to check out is the levels mode. 

In the levels mode, there are twenty diverse levels for you to finish. Each of such levels has a mission to complete. At times you will need to gather a specific amount of stars, while at other times, you ought to make your way to the latest plane crash. 

Passing through checkpoints or driving to the harbor to locate a ship are other types of goals you will have in this mode. You ought to be fast because, in such missions, you will have a time limit. Finishing these levels will reward you with money. 

The other mode is known as the free mode. The aim of this mode is to gather as many red stars as possible. With every star you gather, you earn cash. You can spend such for unlocking seven diverse vehicles! Enjoy!


The Gameplay is quite straightforward. This game features incredible 3D graphics. There will be seven diverse vehicles to pick from to go around. Two diverse game modes are there to choose from. You have twenty levels to finish and earn money. Good luck!

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