A Small Car 2 Unblocked

A Small Car 2 Unblocked is the 2nd installment of this exciting game. It is one of the best 3D racing games. In this version of the game, your objective will be to drive your small car very carefully and get to the finish line of each level for winning. So be ready to clear all the levels. 

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How To Play A Small Car 2 Unblocked?

  • You can use arrow keys or W, A, S, D for controlling the vehicle.
  • Other keys for different functions include space bar and R key

In this game version, you will be facing different new tracks to race on. For accelerating your small car on the trails, you can press W or up arrow key. To decelerate the vehicle, you will have to press down arrow or S key. 

For moving your small car left or right, you can make use of left and right arrow keys or A and D keys. If you want to restart your game, then simply hit the R key for doing that. Spacebar can be used as the handbrake for stopping your small car. 

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