Abobos Big Adventure Unblocked

Abobos Big Adventure Unblocked is a fascinating game. Abobo is probably the angriest eight-bit character, and he’s really furious when his son named Aboboy, is kidnapped by the evil goons! Can you assist him in rescuing his son and obliterate almost everything on his way? So be ready for helping Abobo in saving his beloved child.

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How To Play Abobos Big Adventure Unblocked?

  • Use arrow keys from your keyboard to move around.
  • For kicking, you can make use of the A key.
  • The S key can be used for punching or picking up and throwing different objects.
  • If you want to pause the game, you can use the P key.
  • A + S keys can be used for unleashing the rage attack. It is only doable once the rage bar is completely filled. 

Throughout this exciting and fun game, you’ll really come across different Nintendo characters like Goomba and Donkey Kong, and Abobo really is an incredible piece of nostalgia. As you move ahead in this game, you will have to brawl your way through different enemies and punch and kick them into oblivion.

The rage bar will keep filling as you defeat more enemies. It has very simple Gameplay and fantastic characters, which will make it hard for you to stop playing it!

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