Adventure Story Unblocked

Adventure Story Unblocked is a really fun game to play. This game is like a true love song. In this game, your enemy will kidnap your true love. So, your objective in the game is all clear, right? So, hurry up and save her from the danger. 

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How To Play Adventure Story Unblocked?

  • Use arrow keys to move around. 
  • Make use of G key for opening chests and doors. 
  • Use the spacebar for dropping and ducking down.
  • To jump, use the K key.
  • For the basic melee attacks, you can use the L key.
  • For casting magic or opening the magic menu, you can use the W key.

If you want, you can really change the keys in the pause menu and options of the game. Also, this fantastic game has four different difficulty levels. These levels include easy, normal, epic, and hard. The epic level of the games will be super hard to play. 

If you are the one who loves challenges and are ready to take on one, then select the epic level to play this game. Let’s discover the world of adventures while fighting massive bosses and swarms of enemies, learning new magic spells, and collecting new equipment.

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