Agar.io Unblocked

Agar.io is an online game. It's a free browser-based multiplayer game, the objective of the game is for players to grow their organisms into huge cells and gain control over the map. They do so through eating pellets smaller than them and players that they run into.

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How To Play Agar.io Unblocked?

  • Use Mouse to Play.
  • Use W to Eject Mass.
  • Use Spacebar to Split Yourself.

About Agar.io Game

Agar.io  is a multiplayer browser game in which the player controls an organism that tries to grow by eating green or yellow cells, but can be eaten by bigger cells, with larger cells being able to eat smaller ones multiple times without being eaten themselves. The gameplay centers around maneuvering your cell with accuracy, trying to survive and eat smaller cells.

The player begins as a small cell at stage one and starts out with only a fraction of a mass. The player can gain more mass by eating other players or cells smaller than themselves. Bigger cells are harder to eat but also provide the player with far more mass. As one gains more and more mass, their cell becomes larger in size; it must be noted that bigger cells are much easier to hit, whereas if you're at a smaller size and you're dodging predators and trying to hit other cells, it's far harder.

The object of the game is for the player's cell to become as large as possible without running into another player or being eaten by one larger than themselves.  Eating other players allows the player to consume some of their mass and to grow slightly larger. Hitting a cell two sizes larger than the player could kill them if the player is unlucky enough to hit directly into another player or to get eaten by a player that is two sizes larger.  The novelty of the game comes from maneuvering around other players while collecting mass, so being able to predict exactly where other players are going is an important factor to being able to play the game.

There is a leaderboard at the top which shows who has achieved the highest score/mass in the game. The first ten rows on the leaderboard are called the Top Ten and they vary in value. The higher up a player is on the leaderboard, the more mass their cell has.

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