Agar.io Unblocked

Try out one of the amazing multiplayer games right now with Agar.io. It’s an amazing addicting MMO game in which you need to consume or be consumed while you struggle to control the World of the colorful cells.

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How To Play Agar.io Unblocked?

Game Controls:

Make use of the mouse for playing. Press W for ejecting mass and spacebar for splitting yourself.

How To Play?

Agar.io is an original game where you control a small sphere with which you need to attempt to eat other smaller spheres. The thing is that there are many other players as well doing the exact same thing simultaneously, and if their bubbles are larger than yours, you will be eaten too. 

Relying on your username, you can play this game with one ball or the other. If the username is Mexico, for example, the ball can have the Mexican flag; if you utilize the name Doge, you can play the game with the well-known meme dog. 

This game system is really straightforward: you can move freely on the screen and dodge larger players while you try to eat the smaller ones. If you’ve got some bad luck and you’re eaten, you can always make a fresh start.


The objective of the game is to increase as much mass as you can by consuming cells and agar. This game has only two simple rules to follow:

  1. You can just eat targets that are smaller than yours for evolving yourself,
  2. You have to give bigger things a wide berth, or you’ll die.

Begin moving through the grid and try to grasp all the small blurs of color. Consume and grow, split and multiply.

Try to grow bigger and make the largest cell. Users have exceptional reflexes and keep moving whilst evading opponents. Make the cell consume the small colored dots for growing. Trounce the Agar.io arena and consume other players in this exciting multiplayer action game.

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