Age of War Unblocked

Age of War Unblocked is an entertaining game to play. You can also play this game at school for free. In this game, your objective will be to eliminate your enemies using your units. You will also use these units for defending your own base because your enemy will keep trying to destroy you, so be ready! 

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How To Play Age of War Unblocked?

  • You can make use of your mouse for playing this game.

In this game, as mentioned earlier, you will need army units for attacking and defending. And for purchasing these units, gold will be required. You will earn this gold after winning each fight against your enemy. You also get some experience points at the end. 

When you reach a certain number of experience points, you will then be capable of advancing to the new age, and you will also be capable of improving your world to an entirely new era. In this game, there will be five ages in total. And make sure to win each age for winning the entire war.

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