Ahoy Survival Unblocked

Do you love playing online games in your free time? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, you can find many amazing unblocked games that can be played free of cost. One such game is called Ahoy Survival.

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How To Play Ahoy Survival Unblocked?

It is a survival game where you have to build a raft to save your character. It is a very amazing game, and you can play it for free. So let’s begin!

Game Controls:

Gather trash by simply clicking and constructing yourself a good raft. Move cam using the WASD keys from your keyboard or just moving your mouse to the edges of your screen. Simply right-click to cancel the current building mode; be careful as your character follows the clicks.

How To Play?

Hello, sailor! Are you ready for the objective of creating the largest raft in the ocean? Get a few lost things and sell them to earn cash. With that cash, you will be capable of purchasing upgrades for the raft. Make use of the control keys mentioned in the next section for collecting the items and selling them for money. Good luck and have a good time!


The Ahoy Survival game has very simple Gameplay. You will find yourself in the ocean, where you will have to build a raft to get out of there and reach the shore. You will find different lost objects in the sea, which can be collected with a single click. 

Collect as many items as you can so that you can sell them to earn some money. You can then make use of that money to buy different upgrades available for your raft. That’s all you need to do in this survival game, so whenever you are free and want to play some fun games, choose Ahoy Survival. Let’s start and have fun playing.

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