Among Us: Single Player Unblocked

Have you ever wanted to play this game in a single-player? Then check out the fan-made Among Us: Single Player game where you can become the killer! Practice your devious moves as you attempt to remove the others individually while sabotaging the whole mission.

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How To Play Among Us: Single Player Unblocked?

Game Controls:

Follow the in-game directions.

How To Play?

This game allows you to be a crew member. Be the team player or be the imposter. Do things to speed up the launch to evade this planet. Or be the impostor and sabotage everything and exterminate crew members. 

Don’t arouse any suspicion because once you’re exposed, you’ll be reported and thrown out of the ship. As the impostor, you can kill others in secret as they do their allocated tasks, go to the vent, and drop in to surprise the victims. 

As the crew member, you’re not completely powerless as you get lost in the jobs. You can report anybody that you think is an impostor and group the crew for a meeting. Be cautious, this feature’s overuse will make the crew members doubtful, and you may be voted out of the ship. 

Being the crew member, you’ll be given tasks of fixing ship’s parts, connecting cables for making the lights work, and usually be the busy body for doing your part in making everything work; keep your eyes peeled as an impostor can be loitering just around the corner! 


We desire to share a game with you that’s actually created by a fan named KlopityL. This fan version is very similar to the original game. You, together with the other astronauts, will be on the spaceship. 

All of you are painted in a unique color, somebody in red, and there are other colors too. You’ll have to do everything to stay alive. It’ll be very hard to do, but you have outstanding skills that let you obliterate the traitors. Good luck!

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