Arkandian Crusade Unblocked

Are you righteous or wicked? Embark on an epic voyage to wipe out a disparaging demonic force. But remember: your actions will decide the course of the escapades. The Arkandian Crusade game is one of the top action games, and lots of fun is there waiting for you; the game has been selected by a lot of players as their favorite, check it out, and you will enjoy the game for sure.

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How To Play Arkandian Crusade Unblocked?

Game Controls:

The following are the simple controls for navigating successfully in this game:

  • Make use of the Arrow keys for moving around in the game.
  • The left mouse button can be used for interacting with different items.

How To Play?

Make your place in Arkandia's history. Dove head first into the intense conflict between hell and heaven, you have to pick a side and change the world’s fate forever. Explore the deep dungeons and come out with a pack full of plunder, protect the empire with the assistance of your personal acquaintances or spend some time by the counterfeit crafting artifacts of awesome power.


The game actually revolves around a character that’s actually sent to stop the demon invasion. It begins with a text-driven story wherein four questions are actually to be answered. There are four possible answers which determine which inclination the character will have (Magic, Ranged, Melee) and what things he will make use of for fighting the Fak'ough Demon.

The Arkandian Legends are a series of different stories that you as a player live through. Skills, achievements, victories, and items in one story follow you through to the other, unlocking new advantages and features as you move forward. The actions will decide the course of the escapades, and the selections you actually make can really change the very nature of your world.

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