ATV Destroyer Unblocked

ATV Destroyer Unblocked is an interesting game in which you will be out for destroying everything that will come in your way. Fire and explosions will be everywhere in this game, so you will have to be really careful. For receiving three stars, you will have to make the maximum score. Once you crash, the level will start over again. 

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How To Play ATV Destroyer Unblocked?

  • Use the arrow keys and space bar for playing this game.

You can make use of up and down arrow keys for moving your ATV while the right and left arrow keys can be utilized for balancing the vehicle and moving in both directions. In the game, when you will have to jump, then you can use the space bar. 

In this game, your objective will be to destroy everything you see on the track. These things may include cars, boxes, and different other things. But before starting the game, you will have to select a character. So be ready to crush everything on your way to the finish line.

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