Avalanche Unblocked

Avalanche Unblocked is a unique game that can be played anywhere, anytime you want. It is an action survival game. In this game, you will be controlling a marshmallow character. The story of this action, survival game, is that the world of yours will be getting destroyed by the rising lava. So be ready to save your character for lava.

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How To Play Avalanche Unblocked?

  • Use the Up arrow key for making the marshmallow jump.
  • Make use of the right arrow key for making it move right.
  • The left arrow key can be utilized for making the marshmallow move left. 
  • If you want to restart this game, then make use of the Enter key.

In this game, your objective will be to keep your marshmallow character away from the lava that’s rising so fast. Besides this, a few blocks with diverse sizes will be falling down, so you have to make your marshmallow character stay away from such blocks. You ought to jump up these blocks and get away from the lava!

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