Awesome Run 2 Unblocked

Awesome Run 2 Unblocked is a very awesome running game. It has already received approximately 15.706 plays. It is the 2nd installment in the franchise. In this game, you will have a special coach who will train you to make the best runner of all time. Make sure not to disappoint the coach. 

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How To Play Awesome Run 2 Unblocked?

  • You’re your mouse clicks for playing this fantastic running game.

In this game, you can also earn some money by running in races. This earned money can then be utilized or upgrading the character. You will also have some power-ups, but you have to collect them to use. If you want to use these power-ups, then either click on your own character or the opponent. 

Simply click on your own runner for changing the line of the runner. In this game, you will also come across some obstacles. So be ready and click on the obstacle that’s coming in your way to jump over it. 

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