Bad Ice cream 2 Unblocked

Bad ice-cream 2 is an adventure game. In Bad ice-cream 2 Unblocked, there is a path of ice block. The main task that a player has to do is to escape by breaking the ice blocks. After making the path, player will move outside, receive the fruits, and earn the points.

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How To Play Bad Ice cream 2 Unblocked?

  1. Use right-click to break the block.
  2. Use arrow keys to move and change the direction.

Just break the ice-blocks, make the path and proceed to next level

The gameplay bad ice-cream is the same as version 1 but many bugs are fixed in it. In the starting, you have to choose those paths which prove helpful and take you outside easily. In the second method, break the ice blocks and pick up the fruits to earn the points. Just follow the direction to pick up the fruits. So, follow the direction and reach the destination.

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