Bad Ice Cream 3 Unblocked

In Bad ice-cream 3 Unblock, the path of ice block is present the player break the block and make a path for escape. Then after making the path he move outside and receive the fruits and get the point. Basically the making of path by breaking the ice of block is actually task.

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How To Play Bad Ice Cream 3 Unblocked?

  1. Use right-click to break the block.
  2. Use arrow keys to move and change the direction.

The gameplay of bad ice-cream is an adventure game.  It is the modified version. In starting, you have to select that path through with you can easily escape, after that you must break the ice blocks and pick the fruits to get the points. Just follow the directions to pick the fruits. The gameplay bad ice-cream 3 unblocked is the same as previous version but its graphics and errors are much resolved.

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