Ball Drop 3D Unblocked

Ball Drop 3D is a game where you must help this ball land on the springboard. If you manage to do it perfectly, then your score will be bigger. You can use different modes of difficulty and above all relax because this is very fun especially the music that accompanies the jump.

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How To Play Ball Drop 3D Unblocked?

  • Use Mouse to Control the Ball.

About The Game

Ball Drop 3D is an interesting game where a large ball will jump on springboards and go on a long flight until it falls on the next springboard. Your task is to help the ball land exactly on the springboard because they are located with a displacement. Balls can bounce on the ground and even fly away.

The game has a scoring system that is based not only on the accuracy of landing, but also on performance in general. You can score many points for each second spent in flight, and the height you get the ball at the end of its flight will determine how much time you accumulate during this flight.

You can see how much time is left, the height at which the ball is located, and also a progress bar on which you can estimate your next action depending on where exactly it will fall. In the menu, you can choose different locations for the springboards and unlock new locations as more difficult levels are unlocked.

There are many balls from which you can choose, each with a different design. Even more exciting is that there are many mods from where you can download new balls for this game and also change the background music to something different.

Choose your difficulty level as well as a mode of play, whether you prefer challenges or just want to relax and have fun with this addictive ball jump game.

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