Ball Picker 3D Unblocked

The Ball Picker 3D is a fantastic 3D hyper-casual physics-based game wherein you will be controlling a scoop with which you gather balls and plunge them into the pit, making points and unlocking striking new skins!

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How To Play Ball Picker 3D Unblocked?

Game Controls:


How To Play?

The goal of the game is to gather and put the target number of balls into a bin at the end of every level to pass. You can utilize the mouse to play the game; simply click on the play button from the main menu to begin this game. You control the U-shaped metal. 

Click on your screen and drag the mouse right and left to move it. For passing the level, you ought to deposit sufficient balls in the end. If you fail, you will need to begin from the start of the level. As you pass the stages, you make coins. These can be utilized for unlocking nine diverse metal tools. You can check the progress from the top of your screen.


In the Ball Picker 3D game, you’ve got a magnet, and your center is to obtain as many balls as you can. As you go through the stage, you’ll have an extremely specific amount of balls you have to unlock to win. 

Stages are split into several sections, and each section has a definite amount of balls you have to get before unlocking. If you do not have adequate spheres gathered at the checkpoint, you need to restart the stage. 

It is an extremely straightforward concept but an amazing one, and you’ll find it extremely exciting and a lot of fun to experience. While playing this game, you’ll get coins based on your performance, and skins can be unlocked as well. It is an interesting and unique approach to the game, and you’ll appreciate the fun, immersive, and diverse mechanics!

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