Barry Has A Secret Unblocked

Barry has a secret is a fantastic and intense meal hiding simulation game that will need smart planning and steady hands. Fans of dark humor and horror will absolutely love this great game. As always, have fun and good luck!

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How To Play Barry Has A Secret Unblocked?


You can utilize the WASD keys for moving and utilize the mouse for changing the viewing angle. Follow the directions that are on your screen to win this game.

How To Play?

The game starts with you playing as a character named Barry inside his apartment, with little details given until you find a few rather obvious weapons and, more frighteningly, part of a human body, and then the doorbell rings, and the police arrive, and it becomes obvious that you have to hide now any proof that Barry has of his fatal deeds, and a timer emerges on the screen counting down to when the police will enter the apartment forcefully, so you better rush. 

The game looks amazing, and every day you manage to keep the secrets hidden from the police, but as you survive the investigation, you will find that you have more human body parts to conceal the next day. You will need to get creative when hiding everything and make certain you do not put them anywhere the police are likely to locate them.


If you like puzzles, then get to know Barry Has a Secret game and go to the kitchen. There is some hell happening that you will be capable of participating in. Take into consideration that you’ll face unlikable things. 

However, if you’re not repulsed or scared, the simulation and puzzle in one game will surely be like it. In this game, it’s simpler just to kill the character, but he’ll resurface right away and will be capable of trying again. In the kitchen, where the majority of events will occur, there are household appliances and food, and they’re not worth it for loveliness, don’t forget it.

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