Battle Panic Unblocked

Battle Panic Unblocked is an incredible strategy game. It was created by Ninja Kiwi. In this game, you’ll have to make a village. Then, you’ll e protecting the village by constructing and training your units. As you progress, you’ll upgrade the village by purchasing a few upgrades. There’re seven diverse types of upgrades available in this game.

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    • Average ratings: 5 Stars

How To Play Battle Panic Unblocked?

  • You can make use of your mouse to play this fantastic game. 

The upgrades available in the game are the footman, buildings, horseman, archers, resource gathering, cursor combat, and elite upgrades.

In the game, you ought to hover the mouse over things for action by contemplating the in-game tasks. You have to finish a few tasks throughout the game. 

For instance, the first task will be to collect 100 wood and 250 gold by hovering the mouse over the trees and the goldmines.

Furthermore, the second task will be to construct the barracks and then utilize it to train four footmen. As the 3rd task starts, you have to exterminate all of the attaching enemies. Besides that, there’s a lot more you can enjoy. 

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