Biters IO Unblocked

I hope you will find more fun and more food here. Play Biters IO Unblocked for free. Its gameplay is unique and interesting as you have to bite, bite, and bite.

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How To Play Biters IO Unblocked?

  • Movement of the player can be control through Keyboard.
  • Left click or hit space bar to eat cookies and stuff.

In Biters IO, there is multiple tasks to handle. You have to increase the dash of your health meter by collecting the target stuff. The more you collect the particular stuff the more energy you will gain. During the game, you are hit by many enemies. They will hit you and wound you every time. But you can heal these wounds by eating the cookies. Broken sugar cookies are dispersed in various places, you have to find it and eat it to regain your health. If your health meter goes to zero then the game will over.  

Collect the stuff, eat the cookies, and eat everything that comes in your way. When you successfully completed your dash line you will be promoted to the next level. One necessary condition that you have to meet is the installation of a flash player extension in your browser. Before beginning the game, select the username for your player meme, also follow the guideline to move next.    

Initial stages are easy but later stages are much difficult as compared to early ones. The competition among you and your enemies become tough.       

Allow multiple players
Biters IO allow solo as well as multiple players. This game is amazing and full of fun if you play it with friends and cousins. All versions of Biters IO are available free. Play any of them that you want.  

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