Blocky Snakes Unblocked

Blocky Snakes is a multiplayer snake game where you have to eat candy and grow bigger. Try to avoid snakes and not crash into them. Be careful, though: if you grow too big, the snake will explode!

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How To Play Blocky Snakes Unblocked?

  • Use Mouse to Control View.
  • Use the W A S D keys to Control the Movement.

About The Game

Blocky Snakes is an online multiplayer snake game created by Beedo Games. You have to eat all kinds of candy spread over a map to grow bigger and bigger. Make sure not to crash into other snakes or you will be eaten.

There are different types of the round. The most common type is a timed round where the goal is to grow as large as possible before time runs out and you crash into another snake which will cause you to die and restart the round. The other type, in contrast, is a free-for-all in which there's no time limit and the goal is to eat all of the candy in order to make your snake grow as big as possible.

The game has a very distinct chiptune-style music that's quite catchy and upbeat, which adds to the atmosphere and experience of playing Blocky Snakes. The round starts with some good old 8-bit ticking, followed by a jingle that will play when you've grown quite large.

In the last stage of around, it will play another melody which is slower and more ominous for the final minute as you're about to clash with another snake. In multiplayer mode, there are also ambient sounds such as snakes slithering, trees growing, and candy being eaten.

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