Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unblocked

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unblocked is a wonderful strategy game you can ever play. Both kids and adults can play this game to have a great time. There are many new updates and items also available in this version of the game for you to buy. The Gameplay is almost similar to the older versions of the game. 

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How To Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unblocked?

  • For controlling everything in this version of the game, simply make use of your mouse.

This version is the fourth installment of this game. This version was launched in the year 2009. Similar to the older versions of the game, in this version you will again need to form a great defense against the Bloons approaching so that you can stop them from reaching the towers at the end. 

To win the game, you will have to place your towers strategically on the track so that the Bloons can’t bypass and reach the end. In this game version, you will also have two fresh challenges to face. These challenges include the MOAB challenge and lollipop challenge. 

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