Burrito Bison Revenge Unblocked

Burrito Bison Revenge Unblocked Game!! Burrito Bison reached the candy store and does the shopping. When he reached the cash counter for the payment of the bills then he gets to know that his valet is stolen. Gummy bears have stolen it. 

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How To Play Burrito Bison Revenge Unblocked?

  1. Use Left, right, up and down arrow keys to move Burrito.
  2. Use mouse click to smash bear.

The main goal of Burrito is to take the money back from Gummy bears. So, as a player, you have to control the Burrito and squish the bears until you reach the wall. You will earn money at every kill.

You will see different types of gummy bears at every level and you have to upgrade your power in order to kill them. At the end of each level, you defeat the boss and get extra money. You can use the rocket in order to fly in the air and be one step higher than the bear.

You can also land on the earth but beware of these naughty Gummy bears. Remember that your goal is to kill the bears and reach the other end of the wall.

Burrito is too much angry about the gummy bears in this act.  He has decided to take revenge from them.  

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