Car Drawing Unblocked

Car Drawing is a fun game where you try to draw a car as accurately as possible. The game was originally created by ianhancock98, but it is now owned and maintained by me (Peter). It has been running since September 15th 2017.

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How To Play Car Drawing Unblocked?

  • Use Left Click of Mouse to Draw a Line.
  • Use Space Bar to Undo/Redo (Undo causes more detail to be added, redo less. If you press space too much then it will add an extra part of the car such as a spoiler)
  • Use R to Reset Drawing Back to Initial State.

Game Detail

The game begins with a blank canvas and it shows your drawing line by line as you draw. You can press the space bar to undo any mistakes, but every time you do that, the amount of detail added increases. It adds one extra line into what you are drawing for each time you use the space bar. The longer you go without pressing the space bar, the more detailed it will become.

The game doesn't have any set rules, so you can do what you want. The only one I would recommend is to use a thin line if it's a thin part of the car and a fat line if it's a big part of the car. When you are drawing, it should be easy to tell if your line is too fat or too thin because it will either look good/bad depending on the case. That way, you can quickly adjust your line without having to erase any lines to do so.

As you progress through the game, more and more features of a car are added such as buttons and spoilers. There is also a traffic lane that begins appearing once you have at least 20% complete. It is always located on the right-hand side of your drawing with a gap in the middle. If you draw outside of the traffic lane then there is a penalty, but it isn't too much. However, if your car overlaps into another car then you will end up having to restart the game (and not only that but your previous score will be invalidated). That can be frustrating if you were doing well.

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