Car Eats Car Evil Cars Unblocked

If you are looking for a fun game, then Car Eats Car Evil Cars are for you. This game is from game makers called Smokoko; this edition is better and bigger, much funnier! You’ve got an excellent chance to play evil vehicles against civilian cars and police. Do not stand by and assist them in surviving this fanatical race. Even evil automobiles can have a great soul.

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How To Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars Unblocked?

Game Controls:

  • Spacebar for dropping the bombs
  • X or Shift for using nitro
  • Down arrow or S for moving backward
  • Up arrow or W for accelerating

How To Play?

In this game, race along such side-scrolling maps and utilize bombs to take out the enemies. If you desire to come out in the 1st spot, however, you will also need to be the quickest, so be certain to title the car the correct way so that you land properly, and do not forget to utilize the turbo boost when it is accessible. 

When you begin playing this amazing unblocked game, you have the Archiver, the crab-like racer, available. If you desire to unlock other cars, though, you will need to get the complete version of this game that you download on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.



Car Eats Car Evil Cars is a fantastic installment into this amazing Car Eats Car series. This time, you’ll be controlling the diabolical vehicles. Their only objective will be to cause commotion—control one of such vehicles, run from the police, and create chaos while doing that. The goal in this game will be actually to save similar automobiles from prison. 

New upgrades can also be purchased from the menu and add to the strength of the weapons. Will you manage to complete all of the stages on the first try? If you love this game, you can also check out the complete version that you can download on the phone. So good luck!

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