Car Eats Car Evil Cars Unblocked

Car Eats Car Evil Cars Game is a fun online game that has unique gameplay and an incredibly interesting story - the evil cars are being chased by police, now it's up to you to know what side of the law you'd like to be on!

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How To Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars Unblocked?

  • Use W or Up Arrow Key to Accelerate.
  • Use S or Down Arrow to Move Back.
  • Press X or Shift Key to Use Nitro.
  • Use Spacebar to Drop Bombs.

About The Game

In the Car Eats Car Evil Cars Game, you have a wide range of evil cars to play with! The more stunts your car pulls off during the escape - the better. You can even involve other cars in stunts and tricks as well. Click on them to pull up a menu and allow them to perform a suicide/destructive stunt for you. This increases your score and your chances of staying away from the police.

The further you progress in the game, the better cars you unlock. The evil cars come with their own unique driving skills and performance - so find what suits your style best! Try them all out to see which one will give you an edge during a police chase.

Car Eats Car Evil Cars Game is an awesome game with a unique plot twist - especially among other driving games! Be evil, be strong, be active in car stunts and escape from capture by challenging yourself on this incredible road trip of destruction! Have fun.

A total of six intense levels are waiting for you, each progressively more difficult with better police cars. The objective is to prove your car skills by performing the best stunts ever seen!

There are 10 different models of evil cars that all have unique driving skills. This is a high-quality game that offers great graphics and mind-blowing stunts. It also includes a local high scoreboard.

Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can stay out of the hands of the police longest.

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