Chamber Unblocked

Chamber is a roguelike platformer game. Try to find a way out of the mysterious catacombs and beat all the tricky challenges. You will find unique places, creatures, and mechanics. The game will be completed in several updates that will add new stories, levels, and special events.

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How To Play Chamber Unblocked?


  • Use A & D or Left & Right Arrow Keys To Move.
  • Use W or Up Arrow Key To Jump.
  • Double Tap W or Up Arrow Key To Make Dash Movement.
  • Use Z or Right Shift Key To Shoot.
  • Use E For Actions.

About The Game

Chamber is under development by FiolaSoft Studio, an international team of game developers, who started this project with the intention to create good entertainment for players.

Their mission is to create games with great mechanics and graphics while promoting values such as non-discrimination.


The player controls the main character through a short side-scrolling platformer. The players must collect three different keys to escape from the catacombs. On each level, there are certain objects that grant the player a new ability which gives him access to new parts of the map. For example, when the player picks up the key at the beginning of the game it enables them to open doors.

The player controls an unknown hero through a series of levels that contain certain objects and mechanics, such as key doors which need keys to unlock them. At the end of each level, there is a challenge room where the player needs to pass a series of obstacles in order to proceed. The player unlocks new weapons and abilities throughout the game which makes it easier for them to progress.

The game requires quick thinking and planning ahead so that players may go through many different areas rather than just getting stuck in one part for an entire playthrough .

Player Motivation

To beat all levels and see what happens after that. To make it as far as possible and score high on the leaderboard. The game is endless which allows players to continue playing, even after beating all levels.

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