CleanUP IO Unblocked

Just like the Hole.io game, CleanUP IO permits you to grow bigger and ultimately clean the whole map! Begin by vacuuming the small things and making the way to triumph. This game has multiple goals to get. You can try to do well at one or numerous of them. It solely relies on the gaming skills and experience of the enemies in CleanUp io.

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How To Play CleanUP IO Unblocked?

Game Controls:

Drag your left mouse button to control the vacuum's movement.

How To Play?

You’re an electronic vacuum cleaner, and you have to clean everything without exemption by sucking in. You’ll be capable of increasing the degree, as well as you’ll be capable of using large things, like cars, walls, and buildings. Fighting this enjoyable game right now also be the huge vacuum that you if or will be capable of being in 1st place before the time ends. 

Unlock all the skins without any exemption and get the biggest score to be at the favorites’ tabletop! Be cautious of the other gamers who will be capable of soaking you up, a round lasts two minutes, and the champion will be the one with the highest score at the end of the given time.


CleanUp.io is an amazing io game where you will be attempting to earn as many points as you possibly can and thus make it in front of the adversaries before you get to the time limit. However, you would not be obliterating a city with the tornado, but you will be controlling a vacuum cleaner. You begin in a small space, where you will be capable of only sucking up smaller things. 

Do not be anxious, though; you will soon begin to grow in size, which will let you pick up bigger objects. In the end, you’ll be capable of sucking up skyscrapers, ships, etc. You can also target the enemy and slow him down. So let’s play the game and enjoy!

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