Cookie Clicker Unblocked

The Cookie Clicker game is an idle game in which the player clicks on a big cookie among smaller cookies to earn virtual currency, "cookies," which can be used to purchase various in-game upgrades.

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How To Play Cookie Clicker Unblocked?

  • Left Click of Mouse to Interact with Menu Items.
  • Left Click of Mouse on the Giant Cookie to Produce Cookies.

About The Game

The cookie clicker game starts with some cookies and players can buy idling structures like grandma's farm that automatically generate more cookies for the player over time. The first upgrade bought is the bakery that shows how many cookies you have, the next is grandma's farm, then grandpa's workshop. Grandma will unlock cookie mines once enough farms are bought (grandma does not need to be unlocked), then sugar mine (which allows you to harvest cookies instantly by spending cookies). Players can then buy a sugar cookie, which boosts your CPS (cookies per second) by a set amount for each bakery you own. The next upgrade is the chocolate factory, which contains 5 buildings:

  1. Chocolate Cow Farm
  2. Chocolate Wheat Farm
  3. Chocolate Mine
  4. Sour Gumball Machine
  5. Haunted Sugar Mine

With the haunted sugar mine, all upgrades will cost half as many cookies. The next three buildings are factory machines that produce their respective building's product automatically after all required buildings have been bought. They also sell unique items in the store. These factories require milk, which can be produced by buying a dairy farm and having your cow plant eat grass. Once your farm produces enough milk, you can buy another building to produce silk worms and cocoa beans automatically.

The first factory machine that is bought is the alchemy station which automatically produces cakes and cookies for a set amount of time (the longer this building is active, the higher its price becomes) and gives you 1% of cookie production per building owned. The next is granny's bakery which now has a "focus" upgrade that allows the player to change what type of structure has its cookies made automatically, though it costs 3% of cookie production per building instead of 1%. You can focus on CPS or Cookies, but not both at once.

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