Cross That Road Unblocked

Hop along as you attempt to cross the road in this enjoyable pixel art game called Cross That Road. Assist the animal in crossing the roads carefully and evade obstructions as you attempt to score as many points as you can. Keep hopping the way to the highest score.

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How To Play Cross That Road Unblocked?

Game Controls:

Tap controls or Arrow keys for moving

How To Play?

In the fantastic game, you need to spend a small chick between infinitely moving vehicles. The chick suffered lots of trouble: he fell out of his nest, then grabbed by the flying owl, but flying across the road with the swarming released on the other side. Now the bird will need to go on foot because he cannot fly. 


Cross That Road is a fantastic game; welcome to the highway. In the game, you’re playing as a cute small bird who’s attempting to make his way back to his nest. You will need to evade rivers and trucks and make certain you do not lock yourself into the blind alley. 

It’s a maze-style game where your screen is always moving, and you can just move forward. You will need to dodge trucks and cars on either side as you make the way to the bridges and the lily pads that will assist you in making it across the water and to the final target. 

This game requires you to puzzle your way through a never-ending running game where you cannot turn back, and there’s a threat on all sides. Behind you is the slinking push of the borders of the game itself. 

On either side, there are fast-running trucks and cars you will need to evade, and in front of you, there are dead ends, bricks, and deadly water, which you can’t fly over for vague reasons. So, go fast but also smartly as you attempt to get the way to the empty nest and get a little much-required rest.

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