Cross That Road Unblocked

The Crossy Road game is an arcade type of puzzle game. The goal of the game is to get as high a score as possible by swiping in the right direction and without getting hit or going off-road.

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How To Play Cross That Road Unblocked?

  • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to Sideways or Forward.

About The Game

The player plays with a chicken, crossing roads and rivers full of hazards like logs, snakes etc. To make it more challenging, the chicken has to make its way through without any clues about what will come next, including dangers.

The game has two modes, arcade and endless. In the former, the player is given a random sequence of roads that are chosen from a pre-determined list. The goal is to cross as many roads in a row without getting hit by any obstacles or falling off-road. If the chicken gets hit, it will respawn at the last crossed road.

To get a high score, the player has to plan out its moves in advance and pay attention to where it is going next. It gets harder to play the game as time progresses since there are more roads to cross with increasing hazards. The arcade mode also comes with three different chicken types that have special abilities e.g.: jumping over a log or going extra-long distances.

In the endless mode, players have to cross roads without dying for as long as possible. This mode doesn't get populated with new obstacles and there are no predetermined paths e.g.: it's not possible to know in advance if a river is shallow or deep. Also, the chicken has to face the same road layout every time even if it reaches a point that it has already crossed.

The player gets points for each successfully cleared road and the score is saved locally, meaning that players can start over at any time and still have their original scores. However, if all chicken dies, players won't be able to resume individual sessions anymore.

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