Cubefield Unblocked

Cubefield Unblocked is a very simple and addictive game you can ever come across. It was created by Alex Hughes 11L. It is an exciting game that can be both simple and hard. In this game, you will be riding a ship, which is automatic; you just have to tilt it towards the right or left to avoid the obstacles. 

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How To Play Cubefield Unblocked?

  • Make use of right and left arrow keys for moving the ship towards the right or left. If you want to pause your game, then simply hit the P button. 

In this game, you will be controlling an automatic ship for running through a tangled labyrinth, which is made up of the colorful cube field. Your objective in this game will be to drive the ship and avoid all these cubes that come in your way and go as far as you can get. 

After some time, your ship’s speed will keep increasing. It means that you will have to be even more focused so that you don’t bump into any obstacles. You will lose the game even if you hot just one cube. You will make more points by getting farther. 

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