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Dead Zed 2 Unblocked

Play one of the best shooters and survival games Dead Zed 2 Unblocked that has fun gameplay and great graphics. It is the second sequel to the original Dead Zed game by 3KG games. What you have to do is to kill the zombies that are coming towards you. The Dead Zed 2 has many impressive updates to increases its appeal. (UPDATED: NOW WORKING)

How To Play Dead Zed 2 Unblocked?

Here is how you can play Dead Zed 2 Unblocked:

  • Aim and shoot: Mouse
  • Reload: R
  • Switch fire mode: F
  • Detonate remote bombs: 1, 2, and 3
  • Active rage mode: Space
  • Change weapon: Q

Dead Zed 2 Unblocked Info:

Dead Zed 2 deals with the zombie world that is indeed a risky place to live in. You don’t have an idea when a zombie will attack you. You need to find survivors and weapons to get protected. The main thought of the game is letting the player know around a zombie apocalypse. You need to murder every one strolling outside including zombies. You must survive long enough to find rescue.

You win the game when the help arrives so get your guns and face a multitude of the undead. Time is your resource, and you get time by killing zombies. You can repair weapons, upgrade them and search parties using the resource “Time.”


  • Cats In tinfoil hats
  • Charming hand-drawn characters
  • Charming effects and animations
  • The storyline and Lighthearted visuals bring a smile to your face
  • Achievements and trading cards
  • Challenge Stages will test your skills
  • Digital art book to show a sample of the creative process

Play Dead Zed Unblocked 2 in full screen. You don’t want to hear the noise there is a cancellation option. Shoot in the head of flesh-eating humans and be a hero.

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