Dead Zed Unblocked

Play the action game Dead Zed Unblocked in which you take control of an experimental zombie. The zombie can transform into three distinct and unique forms. Use your cunning and combat skills to survive against the hoards of zombies.

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How To Play Dead Zed Unblocked?

  • R: Reload
  • Mouse: Aim and shoot
  • F: Change fire mode
  • 1: Change weapon
  • 2: Change weapon

Search for the survivors and new weapons to kill the human flesh seeking creature. When you slay the zombies, the rage bar steadily builds. You can enter the rage mode after the bar is full. Also, every shot of your weapon will turn into a one-hit kill.

You are the last man on the line between the undead’s army and hostages. Assign the people with right skills to bring those who are alive to your camp. Your mission is breathtaking in Dead Zed Unblocked. Destroy the zombie apocalypse and make the mission successful. Shoot right in the head of zombies, save the hostages and become a hero.

The gameplay of Dead Zed Unblocked:

Developed by 3KG games it is an exciting shooter game. Dead Zed is a flash game so; you can enjoy it on your browser. The game has simple graphics and is perfect for those who like zombies and guns.  When the game starts, you wake up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. What you have to do? Kill the undead's army that is approaching you — no time for questions.

Having a total of 40 levels and each level is a challenge for the player. Use a rifle to kill the zombies that are coming to eat you. The gun runs out of ammunition; it’s time to reload.

Each time you exterminate zombies you get “Time” so use it to rescues hostages and search new weapons.

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