Death Chase Unblocked

Death Chase Unblocked is a fantastic car racing game and is freely available. If you really like playing racing games, then this one is the best option for you. It is an intense game in which you have to race against the competitions to win it. In the game, you will have to face different obstructions and destructions. 

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How To Play Death Chase Unblocked?

  • Make use of W, A, S, and D or for moving.
  • For slamming or jumping, you can use the Z key.
  • The X key can be used for launching the rockets.

Before starting the race, first, you will be given a choice to select your vehicle. You can also be able to upgrade various components of your vehicle like the weapons, armor, and its engine as well. You will make additional coins every time you win a race. You can use these coins for upgrading and improving your vehicle. 

The races will be fast-paced and fun, so be prepared. You will face different loops, ramps, obstacles, slides, and bridges that you will have to bypass for winning a race. In addition, you will also get additional points if you perform different flips. 

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