Dirt Bike 3 Unblocked

If you’ve ever tried playing the Dirt Bike and Dirt Bike 2 games, then you already know what the Dirt Bike 3 game is all about. You simply require making use of the simple keys from your keyboard for driving the bike on the track. However, it is not just an easy drive. Let’s see what you’ve really got.

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How To Play Dirt Bike 3 Unblocked?

Game Controls

You can make use of the arrow keys from your keyboard to control the movement of the bike and show everybody who the best biker really is in this fantastic game.

How To Play?

Dirt Bike 3 is the 3rd installment of the well-liked racing game. In this new version of the game, there are many new levels as well as new obstacles and new bikes waiting for you. Make use of the gaming controls mentioned in the below section to navigate the bike and try to finish the level as quickly as you can. You can also perform amazing stunts and do your best to succeed in the 3rd installment of this legendary game. Have fun racing, and good luck! 


As you can already say, this game is the 3rd version of one of the most amazing bike riding games. The creators of this game have diligently elaborated it. The objective of the game is to actually reach the finish line in the race as fast as possible, like in all the previous editions.

But here, you’ll be surprised by the quality of surrounding landscapes and graphics. The racing track is situated in the countryside. So do not be astonished that you’ll need to climb on diverse barriers such as trucks, wheels, old barrels, and even tractors with the capabilities of the bike. So let’s start the race and prove your bike racing skills to everybody.

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