Disc Us Unblocked

Disc Us is a multiplayer game in which you have to work together to survive. This fantastic game is inspired by the well-liked game, Among Us but with interesting Gameplay styles and diverse mechanisms.

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How To Play Disc Us Unblocked?

In Disc Us, it is not over until this game’s over. If you get executed, you respawn in the middle hub. If you are voted out, you can still return to the game by convincing other players to utilize the key for opening the jail.


  • Arrow keys or WASD for moving around
  • Spacebar for interacting

How To Play?

If you’re a Traitor Disc, you have to do everything possible to stop the other players from finishing their tasks.

  • You can hide the Oxygen Tanks or shift them away from the Oxygen Floor.

  • You can shift Orbs away from the room they are in.

  • You can execute them repeatedly by changing into the disc with a spacebar.

Make it harder for them. But evade giving them suspicion or getting caught. If you’re a Scientist, you have to be fast and bring things to the right places.

  • Oxygen Hub goes in the middle square floor space, and Orbs go to the top room. Traitor Discs can still shift them out of the floor, though, so be careful when the O2 count drops.

  • The trash (such as banana peel) goes to the trash vents situated in each corner/far side room.

  • Orb Pedestals are in the space where the orbs are. Place them there, and it’ll be safe; traitor Discs would not be capable of taking them out.


Disc Us is an awesome game where you have to work together with your friends to survive! You are cornered in a big spaceship, and your life is in jeopardy! The oxygen level has gone down fast, and you just have ten percent left to survive.

Gather as many oxygen tanks as possible while evading death by sharp giant and dangerous spinning discs, and stop the opponents from finishing their tasks if you desire to win! Will you finish the mission unhurt and take the victory?

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