Doodle God Unblocked

Doodle God is a fun puzzle and world-building game where you make use of ingenuity and logic to create the whole universe. Beginning with the basic elements of wind, earth, air, and fire, players can create a world filled with Aliens, skyscrapers, Dragons, locomotives, and more.

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How To Play Doodle God Unblocked?

Game Controls:

You can make use of the mouse to choose the diverse elements from the menu and combine them together to create something.

How To Play?

Doodle God is a very fun puzzle game, and you can play this game online for free. If you can master all the elements, you can do anything. But to get to that spot, you require elements first. Fortunately, Doodle God allows you to try your hand at being the all-powerful self. 

Make pretty much anything, beginning with the four basic elements wind, earth, air, and fire. Unlock different new challenges and puzzles; make your way through different creations by appending all the items we expect to see on Earth. None of it came out of nowhere. 

Which combo of elements makes the mountains in Asia or the sands of Africa? What about the strawberry milkshakes from North America or the trees in Europe? Get on with it by becoming the Doodle God and resolve all the puzzles and challenges you come across during this game. But above all, have a good time!


In the start, the Doodle God was all alone, but then he made the universe by using the four main elements wind, earth, air, and fire. But the world was barren, and he desired to breathe life into all the new creations. 

In this fantastic game, you will be taking the role of the Doodle God and making use of the elements to create new items to fill the universe. With the creation power at your fingertips, can you bring new items to existence?

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