Drag Racing Rivals Unblocked

Are you feeling fast and perhaps a bit more furious? If yes, you ought to check out the Drag Racing Rivals game! It is an innovative and fun racing game. You will have to kick things into high gear at the correct times if you are gonna win all the street races.

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How To Play Drag Racing Rivals Unblocked?

You will win cash you can utilize for upgrades, purchase better engines and transmissions, and even customize the paint jobs!


  • Upshift: Right
  • Acceleration: automatic
  • Nitrous: N
  • Downshift: Left

How To Play?

For winning races, you will have to perform the ideal launch by keeping the engine speed in the green zone. Once you launch, shift up to the next gear at the best possible time. Once you’ve nitrous, it is significant to utilize it at the correct time. If you utilize it late, you may not be capable of passing the rival, and if you utilize it early, your challenger might be capable of passing you at the last second.


In this game, you get to join in the underground street races against random individuals and even rival crews. It’s a tremendous online racing game with specs that comprise customizing the vehicle, purchasing performance upgrades, and you can even purchase new cars. 

There are seventeen cars spread across five diverse tiers in the game. You get the 1st car for free, but to unlock other cars, you will need to earn cash and purchase them. Simply press the Dealer button you see on the screen and browse through the different cars you desire. 

For earning cash, keep racing and go up the ranks. You will make more cash if the races are harder, but be careful; you’ll have to upgrade and purchase new cars as you go if you desire to keep winning all the upcoming races.

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