Elastic Man Unblocked

Elastic Man features the face of a man with an elastic body and stretchable face like a deflated balloon. By using the mouse, you can pull the face of the man and stretch it as far as your mouse allows. Once you let go, the stretched skin will bounce back to the head and will create some ripple before returning back to normal.

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How To Play Elastic Man Unblocked?

  • Use Mouse

About Elastic Man Game

Elastic Man is a simple simulation game created by David Li. Elastic Man is a funny game where you get to pinch and drag a man with a very elastic face. The man is like a balloon that will stretch when pulled. There is no goal in this game, just have fun pulling and dragging the elastic face of the man. The game features the face of a man with an elastic body and stretchable face like a deflated balloon. The physics system of the game is actually quite impressive. The eyes of Elastic Man will follow your mouse pointer, regardless of what you are doing to his face. You can change the quality of the game in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can stretch and drag the man's face from any of his body parts you want. Select a body part, pinch or press it to select it, then drag or pull it in any direction you want. All of Elastic Man's body parts are stretchable! If you have no hand on which to stretch him out, use the space bar to add a new hand.

Drag the hands to move around and stretch Elastic Man in any direction you like, or hold down both mouse buttons for fast movement through the air! You can shake off pieces of dirt that stick onto his body when it stretches and with time they will come back. you leave him alone too long he will become dirty again. If you drop him, he will lose parts of his face and arms! He won't be as stretched out as before. If you pick him up at that time it will cost you twice as much as before to put those pieces back on.

If the man gets too stretched out or falls apart, you can start over by pressing the R key.

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