Endless Tunnel Unblocked

Endless Tunnel was developed by the Coders Trust volunteers in 2001. The objective of the Endless Tunnel Game is to survive and get a high score by rotating the playing area while avoiding traps and obstacles.

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How To Play Endless Tunnel Unblocked?

  • Rotate the Maze with Arrows on your Keypad.
  • Pause/Unpause Game with Spacebar or P key. (Press ESC to pause the game without un-pausing).

About Endless Tunnel Game

Endless Tunnel was created by Coders Trust in 2001. It was created by one person. Endless Tunnel is a 2D range first-person game. Playing this game is very simple. Many obstacles are waiting for you. Your task is to avoid them by rotation. You can control the black cube with left and right arrow keys and there are only 3 colors: black, white and red. The longer you survive, the better score you will get. But remember to avoid touching red objects because they might kill you instantly.

Endless Tunnel was made in the format of a maze. This is a very interesting but also easy game because it has only one job: to find your way out from an endless tunnel, full of obstacles and traps. Your aim is just to survive as long as possible. To do that you have to rotate the playing area so you can avoid traps.

Moreover, this game is exciting because of its simplicity and it's very easy to play. The more you stay alive the higher score you get. You can control this game with left and right arrow keys. There are 3 colors: black(background), white(obstacles) and red(dangers). Be careful with the red ones, they will destroy you immediately if you touch them!

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