Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Unblocked

Are you prepared to become the top racing pilot in the entire world? Right now, for burning the tires in different and unique ways, select a car that suits you the best and start! In the Extreme Asphalt Car Racing game, reveal the style by simply personalizing the car with diverse stickers, colors, and rims!

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How To Play Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Unblocked?

Game Controls:

  • Left/right arrow or AD to steer
  • Down arrow or S to brake
  • Shift to utilize nitro

How To Play?

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing is a free-to-play and fun car racing game without any drama. Choose the car, upgrade it if you want, and race until the heart is pleased on diverse tracks and diverse styles of races. 

With every race, you will win coins that you can utilize for upgrading the starter car or purchasing even cooler and faster cars. The great part is that the controls are extremely easy, so all you need to do is concentrate on steering, utilizing the nitro boosters at the right time, and outdriving the challengers. 


The goal of this amazing game is to win every race you take part in! You do not need to be a professional racer to compete with others in this fantastic game. Just click on the start button to start the game. 

First of all, select the car you will be racing with. There are sixteen diverse models, but just one of them is accessible at the start. You require money for purchasing upgrades and other cars. When you are ready, simply click on the track selection button at the bottom corner of the game screen. 

Choose the track, and you are prepared to hit the streets! The car builds up the speed on its own, but you need to steer it and utilize the brakes when required. Keep your eyes on the track! Try to gather nitro to boost the speed temporarily. You can see your position on the game screen’s right side.

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