Facepunch IO Unblocked

Facepunch IO Unblocked is a very intense multiplayer boxing game. In this fantastic game, the player will be controlling a talented boxer for smashing all his opponents and reign the ring champion.

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How To Play Facepunch IO Unblocked?

  • Use your mouse cursor for controlling the boxer.
  • The player can use Spacebar or left mouse button for punching.
  • The W key or the right mouse button can be used for activating the special skills.

While playing this game, do not care about the size of your opponents because you are free to attack anybody you desire.

Just make certain you do accurately and quickly for diminishing your opponent’s health bar. Before entering the ring, the player has to select a character. 

When the player enters a ring, he is fighting against a lot of other players from across the world. Just like in the real boxing, the player ha to utilize his character’s bare fists for punching and hurting the opponents!

For every successfully landed hit, the player will deplete the opponent’s health bar.

Similar to the real boxing, you simply make use of the bare fist of a boxer for punching and hurting the others. 

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