Fire Balls Unblocked

Fire Ball is a free online game where the player earns points by exploding fireballs before they leave the screen on either side of your window. The goal of the game is to cross the map with your ball (the bigger one) while you avoid enemy fireballs (smaller balls).

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How To Play Fire Balls Unblocked?

  • Press Left Mouse Button to Shoot.

About The Game

In the Fire Balls Game, there is a wall in front of a player and a set of fire balls with specific velocities in front of him. The player can select one action: move backwards or stay still. After doing this, all the fire balls come hurling at him. Then he has to move either backward or forward at least one foot. The player is allowed to move in any non-trajectory; i.e., the path of the movement of the player is not restricted by any obstacle (like wall). If he manages to dodge all fire balls, he wins, but if even one ball hits him, then he loses the game.

Based on game theory, it seems like the best option is to stay still (which will guarantee your survival) but one should be prepared to run backward if the balls are coming too fast. Now, this is only true if the balls are coming exactly at each other; it looks like your survival chances will improve if you move to an area where there's no ball (provided that there's space ahead).

But this may not be true for general cases. For example, if five fireballs are arranged in a line with one foot distance between them and they're all heading towards you; then it seems like your optimal choice (if you want to survive) is stay still (since that guarantees that at least two of them will slip past on either side of you). But how would one know which way to dodge? Well, since the fireballs are symmetric, they must have equal velocity, so if you can find the velocity of one, then it should be easy to determine the motion by symmetry.

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