Fit in the Wall Unblocked

Fit in the Wall was invented by Flemming Møldrup and Thomas Rydahl from Denmark. Their objective is to create games that stand out from others because of puzzles, reflexes, and flow.

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How To Play Fit in the Wall Unblocked?

  • Touch Right or Left Side To Turn Block Left or Right.

About The Game

Fit in the wall is a timing reflexive game, you need to move the free block to the correct position before it hits the wall. There is only one correct position for this block so there will be no mistakes allowed. There is no time limit or speed requirement to reach, you can move the block as slow as you need.

They want their games to be easy and clear to understand for people that haven't played them before. They also want their games to contain a lot of depth and replayability. 

The game is based on an iterative design, this means that the designers focused on creating a simple and easy to understand experience first. The obvious goal in fit in the wall is to move the block in the correct position before it hits the wall, if you do that then you will complete level one. After that they created small incremental changes to each thing that was added into the game. For example, when they had all of level one finished they decided to add two blocks instead of just one because it made the challenge harder yet not much more complicated for someone who haven't played before.

They got their inspiration from games like Tetris and Super Mario Bros because everything is based around timing and reflexes but still be fun enough so anyone could play. The game has no level system or unlock requirements to progress, the only thing that changes is the speed of the block which makes it harder or easier for you depending on your own skills.

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