Flappy Bird 2 Unblocked

Flappy bird 2 is developed by the Vietnamese and successor of flappy bird series. This version also doesn’t have good graphics. 

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How To Play Flappy Bird 2 Unblocked?

  1. Use space bar to control the movement of Faby

Flappy Bird 2 looks easy at the beginning but in actual it is not. The main goal in it is to handle the Faby. It is moving in rightward direction and can knock out with the pipes. It consists of the green pipes as found in the Mario. Be aware of these pipes in order to win.

There is a huge impact of gravity on the Faby, so it is quite difficult for you to control it. Sound chemistry in it is also so cool. It has separate sound for every moment either Faby is flying, knocking, or getting points.

You have to achieve good scores in order to win the medal. You will win the bronze medal for scoring 10 to 20 scores, silver medal for scoring 20, and gold medal for scoring points greater than 30. Start playing the endless entertainment and collect your medal. Have fun.

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