Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy bird is a flash based and mobile game that is developed by the Vietnamese. It has 2D retro style graphics that are not so good.This game seems to be very easy but in actual it is not. The main objective of this game is to control the flying bird.

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How To Play Flappy Bird Unblocked?

Faby is continuously moving in the right direction. You have to control it so that it don’t hit the Mario like pipes. If the Faby touched the pipe than you will lose. The Faby is too much attracted towards the gravity so controlling it is too much difficult. There is a unique sound at every act. Either Faby is flying, striking or rising the scores.

If you score well then you will be awarded a medal. A bronze medal is awarded when you score between 10 and 20. A silver medal is awarded when you score at 20. A gold medal is awarded when you score at thirty. A platinum medal awarded when you score at forty or above it. It is endless game so the entertainment and full will never end.

There is no variation or evolution in gameplay throughout the game, as the pipes always have the same gap between them and there is no end to the running track, having only the flap and ding sounds and the rising score as rewards

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