Flight Unblocked

Flight Unblock is a very common game among the kids from the school level. Every kid has a hobby to make his or her own paper plane and fly it as long as possible. It is a Web-based game that needs the flash player to get started.

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How To Play Flight Unblocked?

  1. Use the arrow keys or Mouse to control the movement of the plane.
  2. Collect the stars using the spacebar.

The story behind this game is that a girl is missing her mom at the charismas. She needs her mom back as a gift from Santa. She writes a message on the plane and flew it away. The main goal is to control the plane. Player has to move the plane as fast as it can by collecting the stars in the ways. These stars will give dollars at the end of each level. You can use this money to upgrade your plane. The upgradation of the plane accelerate the plane and reach faster to the destination.

In the beginning, you will have a very simple paper plane but with the proceeding levels, your plane will get the turbo engine feathers and so on. All your game history is saved on the servers. So, you can resume your game from that point at which you left last time.

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