Free Rally 2 Unblocked

If you liked the original game called Free Rally, then you will be pleased to see that it has returned with the newest version called Free Rally 2! In this new version, there are not only cars for picking from, but you have also now got different motorbikes and even a helicopter for exploring the city!

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How To Play Free Rally 2 Unblocked?

Game Controls

  • Lock cursor: Mouse 
  • Handbrake: Spacebar 
  • For driving: Arrows keys/WASD
  • Return to the menu: Esc key
  • Change camera view: C key
  • Fire on buggy, helicopter, and sofy: Right mouse click or F key
  • Seek rocket on Sofy, buggy, and helicopter: V key
  • Start/stop engine on the helicopter: l key
  • Use the light on the vehicle: l key
  • Use nitro on moto: Shift
  • Stop the car on the moto police: F key
  • Enable/disable police alert on the moto police: E key
  • Let the car go up: G key 
  • To Signal: R key

How To Play?

Free Rally 2 is a 3D driving game. This game permits you to drive cars in a multiplayer environment where you can move around the metropolis and do what you want. There are nine diverse vehicles to pick from, one being a buggy and many others comprising a police car, helicopter, a supercar, and sedan. If you select the police car, you can utilize the capture feature, which permits you to start pursuing other automobiles and pull them over like a police officer.


The free races have satisfied the players, and we’re pleased to tell you that you’ll be capable of continuing the thrilling competition in Free Rally 2. Pick your favorite car in this game; there are already nine kinds available.  You’ll even be permitted to fly a helicopter. 

Also: motorcycles, buggies, and police cars, on which captures can be made, catch up with the alleged criminals. It is a multiplayer game where you will find yourself and other online players on the streets or on the road of the city. Compete with those players in the capability of deftly and quickly driving the car that you’ve selected.

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